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Masters in the University of Alcalá 

Máster Propio in Financial Management 


The main objective of the Máster Propio in Financial Management is the student acquires the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the financial area of ​​a company or in institutions that operate in the national and international financial system.


The student:

  • Will acquire skills to analyze the different types of financial operations of a company.

  • Will make financial decisions corresponding to the company's strategy according to the well-being of society.

  • Will be able to manage various types of securities and financial instruments that allow the student to learn how to adjust profits and risks to investor preferences.

  • You will learn to understand the economic-financial information of the company from the financial statements and the company's accounting registration.


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Máster Propio in MBA of International Companies


The objectives of the Máster Propio in MBA of International Companies are to provide the students knowledge of the business world in order the students can develop their management and leadership skills that boost their professional potential.

The student:

  • Will acquire a global knowledge of the direction of the company that will allow him / her to analyze professional situations and make the best decisions.

  • Will be prepared to integrate and consolidate in the business environment, acquiring an ethical commitment at work.

  • Will learn the management training and promotion programs.

  • Will develop business thinking and how to act in a multinational environment.

  • Will acquire the skills and necessary abilities to improve the organizational and business planning skills.

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Máster de Formación Permanente in Leadership and Team Management

This Master will work, from a very dynamic and practical point of view, on the latest leadership and team development techniques so that, students incorporate the knowledge and skills necessary to lead themselves and lead others in order to achieve their commitment and participation in strategic business objectives. It is a transformative learning, but with a fun teaching style and a great sense of humor, creating an atmosphere of humanity and enthusiasm.

The student will acquire the following skills: 

  • self-knowledge and self-management

  • self motivation 

  • capacity for impact and influence

  • capacity to make decisions

  • capacity for analysis and synthesis

  • capacity for teamwork

  • management of stress and uncertainty 

  • ability to plan 

  • organize and prioritize  

  • development of assertiveness 

  • communication and listening skills 

  • emotional intelligence development

  • capacity for negotiation and conflict management 

  • ability to lead and develop people.


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